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It’s not an exaggeration to say that this feature comes at an extremely crucial time. It’s important that staff have constant access to some of the latest and best cleaning practices in the industry to keep teams safe and healthy. By making these SOPs digitally available, update staff members as fast as new procedures are issued.

Here are some of their benefits:

  • Staff have instant remote access to SOPs through personal devices
  • Improved transparency as digital SOPs can easily be shared
  • Faster delivery of new information and updates
  • Teams are safer as they follow the latest guidelines
  • Store and organize existing documents in one place
  • Create detailed documents directly in Flexkeeping

Instant Access

Time is of the essence when it comes to communication. Especially since new information regarding the coronavirus is released on a constant basis. Consequently, best practices recommendations and governmental cleaning guidelines are developing every day to keep up with each revelation. As a result, it’s important that your property and team are using the most up-to-date procedures and methods to combat health concerns.

SOP's Flexkeeping App

Technology to the rescue! With every team member carrying their own personal device, they can stay informed of changes as fast as they’re issued. Update digital SOPs with a click and notify your entire team. Therefore, you eliminate the need to hold physical meetings to share new best practices and explain changes. Instead, simply brief them with a click! In addition to saving time, it also minimizes the contact that staff have with each other.

Stay Focused on Safety

The entire point of SOPs is to keep you, your team, and your guests safe and healthy. However, it can be challenging to do that when new, and sometimes contradictory, information is available. With a flood of updates and changes, it’s difficult to remember what are the most up-to-date methods.

It’s not a test, cheat sheets are allowed. Digital SOPs create a way that staff can reference what are the most recent recommendations to follow. So no need to try and recall procedures, they are always a click away and available in your pocket. Any updates or changes to the SOPs are instant to keep your team on the cutting-edge of safety information.

Improve Transparency

Health and safety are going to be the number one concern for new guests. They will want to know that the place where they are staying is up to date on all of the best practices and cleaning procedures. If your property can’t confidently assure guests of that fact, it’s possible that they’ll stay with a different property who can.

So, make it clear that your property values transparency! Don’t update digital SOPs solely for employees, you can also share them with guests. Guests can see what steps housekeepers are taking to ensure their personal safety and leave the room as clean as possible.

SOP structure

Create & Store Documents

A picture is worth a thousand words. So make sure you can add them to your documents. Ensure that your guidelines, checklists, and written procedures are always understood by adding photos, steps, and even videos. Staff will be able to access more informative guides which, in turn, allow them to complete their tasks more effectively.

Now that you have your detailed documents, time to organize them. Create a virtual filing cabinet to make sure all of your documents are neatly arranged and easily accessible. Our collapsible tabs allow you to create expandable folders so you can locate corresponding documents based on departments, roles or tasks.

Storing SOP documents

Other areas SOPs are crucial for:

  • Training of new staff members
  • “How to” guidelines for staff
  • Internal Knowledge sharing between staff and departments
  • A library of operational best practices
  • …and any other useful and important updates, guidelines or knowledge sharing

Get started with our new SOP module!

Curious on additional ways that your team can prepare to work in this new environment? Schedule a demo to see how digital SOPs combine with our other features to keep your team safe, your guests happy, and your property profitable.

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