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Your housekeepers are working hard. But do you know where, how, and when? Flexkeeping allows you to organize and track all housekeeping activities. Streamline communication and boost productivity with all the answers at your fingertips

Over 10,000 Housekeepers use Flexkeeping daily

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Scheduling + Work Processes

Schedule housekeeping + Live Feed

Save time by remotely scheduling housekeepers a day, week or months in advance. With the press of a button, automatically assign rooms fairly and quickly using our smart AI. During their shift, housekeepers use their phones to confirm room cleanliness, update & comment on tasks and notify supervisors of necessary inspections in real-time.

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Amenities + Maintenance

Manage linen change, minibar, repair jobs and amenities

Enable housekeepers to quickly deal with interruptions on one unified platform. Whether they are updating linen usage, inputting minibar consumption or reporting a maintenance issue, housekeepers can do it in seconds on their phones to leave their workflow smooth.

Housekeeping Software 99

Mobile Housekeeping training and housekeeping checklists

Provide all cleaning guidelines and manuals in the palm of housekeepers’ hands. Housekeepers can access easy-to-follow resource materials anywhere, at any time. Guarantee those guidelines are met and rooms are spotless by using a room inspection checklist to evaluate room quality and confirm nothing has been overlooked.

Housekeeping Software 100
Team Communication

Communicate tasks & updates in any language

Overcome language barriers by communicating with foreign team members in their native language with Flexkeeping’s translation feature. Create individual or communal tasks in seconds and select a tag so it is automatically assigned to the correct staff. Monitor the task’s completion status and any real-time comments posted about it.

Housekeeping Software 101

Make data driven decisions

Analyze your housekeeping performance reports to optimize costs and ensure high quality housekeeping service for your guests.

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80% fewer phone calls - 40% more done


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    Luiza Correia

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Great Problem Solving Solution!

Flexkeeping is a great multi-discipline, multi-departmental tool aimed at solving key operational problems - communication and task tracking. I have personally implemented this system in 3 different chains, across 6 different assets internationally. Highly efficient, reliable, and effective solution. Easy to navigate, easy to track and control hotel operations which then ensures our daily cost and efficiency forecasting is always up to date. This also helps to better understand our workforce pinch points and improve wider processes across the board.

Best company to support and improve your service and guest experience.

All Flexkeeping products are very user-friendly and easy to adapt. Especially for Housekeeping and Maintenance, it gives speed and accuracy to the entire process. It is easy to implement, to give training to employees and it clearly improved the service we provide to our guests.

Flexkeeping, a game changer!

Having the guest details in the platform has reduced the number of mistakes made in the past when items/requests were directed to the wrong guest/room


98% Recommended. Highest recommendation score on HotelTechReport.


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