The Sophie Initiative.

Share some hospitality experience and get Flexkeeping’s digital SOPs tool Sophie FREE.

Join the Flexkeeping Community 

Are you willing to share your expertise and advice with fellow hoteliers? That’s what Flexkeeping’s community is all about - a shared platform to offer advice and improve your operations at no cost.

What’s the goal of the initiative? 

Flexkeeping is not only facilitating communication between departments, it also contributes to a massive improvement of our work processes. We really appreciate it and we absolutely don’t want to work without it any more.

What do YOU GIVE in return?

In short, a willingness to contribute. To help our community grow and provide value, we ask for public acknowledgement for our amazing free tool. 

What do YOU GET by joining? 

You get Flexkeeping’s SOP’s tool (Sophie) free of charge. Benefit from faster training times, mobile educational resources, and organized operational knowledge.

Sound like a great idea? Join us!

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