Falkensteiner Family Hotel Diadora


Opened in 2022, Falkensteiner Family Hotel Diadora is an exclusive, five-star family hotel and part of the Falkensteiner Resort Punta Skala. Inspired by maritime adventures, its upscale design makes it one of the most exciting places on the Adriatic coast and is located on a beautiful, secluded peninsula, perfect for a holiday with the whole family.

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Hotel Diadora boasts more than 1,250 square meters of prime coastal real estate, which includes entertaining children's worlds, excellent family services, a bar, a restaurant and a wellness area. The ingredients for a perfect family holiday under the Croatian sun are there - but how are they managing it all? 

We spoke to the team about how Flexkeeping's Hotel Operations Platform transformed their daily operations, resulting in extraordinary time and money savings and a previously unseen productivity boost.
Using Flexkeeping, they've seen some extraordinary results:

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283% ROI 

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51h per month saved on room inspections

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60% drop in guest complaints

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75% less
phone calls for maintenance

The case study explores the impressive productivity gains and streamlined processes that directly impacted the hotel's bottom line. By using innovations in automation, supercharging collaboration and leveraging (actionable) analytics, the property has seen a massive 283 percent Return on Investment (ROI). We think you'll find that the juicy details are even more insightful... .

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