Unveiling the New Flexkeeping Hotel Checklists Editor

Unveiling the New Flexkeeping Hotel Checklists Editor

Creating new digital hotel checklists was never easier.

Digital hotel checklists have been for years a crucial part of Flexkeeping’s software suite and an even more crucial part for our partner hoteliers to drive consistency and quality across their daily hotel operations. Now, we have made it even easier to add, edit and update as many checklists as needed, in seconds. 

How it works?


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Why use Digital Hotel Checklists?

14 Essential Hotel Housekeeping Checklists

Hotel checklists are the single most important measure in daily operations to assure quality and consistency across all departments. Checklists can be used for staff training, conducting structured inspections for room cleanliness, or as step-by-step guides to complete a specific task. Going digital with checklists means that you get traceability and real time information, which paper checklists can't deliver. With digital checklists you get crucial information at the right time, making sure that you can fix any potential challenges before they interfere with your standards, safety or guest satisfaction.

With the new Flexkeeping hotel checklists editor you now have the ability to create, edit and update as many checklists as you need to keep your property operating to your set standards.

How can you start using the new Flexkeeping Checklist Editor?

Either way, we’ll get you started in minutes.

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