The Future of Hotel Operations with Rob Paterson, CEO of Best Western UK (Pt. 1/2)

Luka Berger, CEO of Flexkeeping, discusses the future of hotel operations and technology with Rob Paterson, CEO of Best Western UK. 

2020 was set to be an amazing year in hospitality.

To kick it off, Luka and Rob sat down to have a drink and talk shop. The conversation was all about how the industry will look in the future. From hotel operations to hospitality tech, what should hotels invest in and expect to see in the future? This was a topical issue since the industry was booming while using outdated technology in its hotel operations. However, the arrival of Covid meant that the discussion was never published.

So why are we releasing this conversation now?

Knowing what we know now, would the vision of future hotel operations remain the same? There were so many great views and thoughts that Rob shared last January that are still very much relevant today (maybe even more so). We wanted to revisit and share those insights as part one, before chatting through our predictions to account for corona’s impact in part two. 

So, what is the hotel concept of the future and technology’s role in it? Listen in to part one to find out what we thought it was in 2020...


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... and in part two, what we believe it is now!

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