Flexkeeping and Mews Integration: Brothers from Another Mother(board)


We at Flexkeeping are excited to announce that as of November 2019, we have partnered with Mews and are one of the newest integrations to hit their shelves in Mews marketplace. We are combining two complementary software systems into a package that brings real benefits to hotels around the world, enabling them to run more efficiently and deliver impeccable service to their guests.

Great Minds Think Alike

Challenging the ‘normal’ and ‘usual’ is what changes the industry for the better. Each software has a reputation for being responsive, focused on user experience, and driven towards perfecting how hoteliers and their staff provide for their valued guests. Thus, it became a natural conclusion that we would partner with Mews in order to extend that support which we each offer individually. But the ultimate winner of this new partnership, is you!

Having a live chat where our queries can be answered pretty much immediately is fantastic.

Rooms Division Manager from Boutique

97 percent recommended

Hotel Tech Report

It makes every operation in the hotel run smoothly and without waiting. It makes all communications fast and well tracked.

IT Specialist from Limited Service

Excellent system for me as I travel a lot and usually work from offices not in the hotel itself, so very useful to be able to access the PMS at anytime and anywhere.

Expansion Manager from Boutique

A third of our time is now allocated to more meaningful tasks

Selinda Gayer, Co-Director, GAIA Hotel

Ranked #1 PMS

Hotel Tech Report

What Makes Flexkeeping and Mews Duo Dynamic?

For years, Mews has been synonymous with direct bookings, smooth check-ins & outs and better guest experience. However, the main communication channel for staff such as housekeeping, maintenance, and others was often to call or write post notes. This is where we come in. We take the relevant information from Mews, distribute it to staff members, and confirm that services are done efficiently and effectively. Spotless rooms, faster maintenance repairs, and a more connected staff all translate into your guests being more delighted than ever. No guest wish will ever be left forgotten again.

How Exactly Does This Dream Team Work?

Mews focuses on ambitious hoteliers that are interested in cutting out the middleman, increasing their direct bookings, and consolidating the responsibilities of managing a property to a simple intuitive dashboard. At the touch of a button, hoteliers can automate their operations so that their main focus remains where it should, on their guests.

We extend these operations by offering users dozens of practical features  such as Lost and Found management, Quality and Safety Control, and Housekeeping analytics that extend beyond the integration between the two softwares. However, like all healthy relationships, communication is paramount. One example of the two-way connection between us is that you can manually update a room’s status to clean on Flexkeeping and it will be automatically changed in Mews. Sound pretty slick? Check out some more real applications of “FlexMewsing”!

Before 😒

The GM wants to know how many different “quality costs” were incurred during the past 3 months for guests’ anniversaries, birthdays, or celebrations. The receptionist must manually check and calculate the expense.

A group booking comes in. Management must manually list and delegate tasks to staff.

A housekeeper sees that an air-conditioning unit is broken while cleaning a room. They must then call the manager who then relays the information to the appropriate maintenance worker. The maintenance worker then calls the receptionist to inform him that it is repaired, and the room is available.

After 😁

Open the analytics tag in Flexkeeping and set the parameters for the past 3 months and all the quality costs will appear in seconds. Mews will also give you extra guest information to give you even more details.

Flexkeeping allows you to create a to-do list which staff can tick off as they go. Management is notified by Mews in real time of tasks’ completion.

With Flexkeeping in their pocket, any housekeeper can immediately alert both maintenance and reception about any repairs, and even add a photo. Maintenance can fix the problem quickly knowing what tools to bring, mark the task as completed, and then reception gets a notification that the room is ready for the next guest.

If this sounds like an integration that could help drive your property into the future, we haven’t even told you the best news. Our integration is lightning fast, so it only takes a mere matter of minutes for us to be in your pocket and at your staff’s ’s fingertips!

I’m in! What do I need to do to start FlexMewsing?

Mews customer: Find us in Mews marketplace here  👉 Mews Marketplace

Flexkeeping customer : send us an email 👉 integrations@flexkeeping.com

Ready to become part of the FlexMews family?


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