Our Story.

By Luka Berger, CEO

It was my last year at Uni and I felt that I had to make one last long trip before I jumped into business. I decided to apply for a “work and travel” summer program in the USA, where I spent the next 5 months working as a housekeeper in a hotel in Yellowstone National Park. This is how the idea for Flexkeeping was born.

For example: Our housekeeping supervisor always inspected the cleaned rooms, but before she could do that, she first had to find us and check our room lists to see which rooms had already been cleaned. If she found any mistakes, she had to come back and we repeated the whole cycle again. This resulted in a lot of lost time and unnecessary back-and-forth, simply because we didn’t have a better, more efficient way to communicate. What’s more, the front office didn’t have access to that information either.

Learning the ins and outs of housekeeping
I worked at Gray Wolf Inn and Suites, a mid-range hotel with just over 100 rooms. While working there, I started observing how our work was managed and how we, the employees, were communicating. I realized we were losing a lot of time due to the slow and ineffective way we communicated – pen, paper, calls, texts, and in-person conversations.

Due to the slow work process, rooms weren’t always ready for check-in and guests often had to wait. In a worst case scenario, the supervisor didn’t have enough time to inspect a room properly, which resulted in lower guest satisfaction. The chain of issues would continue to go higher, ending in managers not having any real control over events, simply because it’s impossible to keep track of so many people, phone calls, documents, and face-to-face conversations.

My “Ah-ha!” Moment

After learning about all these challenges firsthand, I saw an opportunity to create a solution that would solve every single one of them. A digital platform to allow staff to expedite and automate daily operations remotely as well as respond to live updates. In other words, Flexkeeping.

In addition to the core benefits of saving time, money, and sanity, Flexkeeping enables departments to connect, communicate, and coordinate easily. Instead of pen and paper notes, individual phone calls, and emails, Flexkeeping digitally consolidates all the information into the palm of staffs’ hands. Which means my former supervisor will never have to chase down room lists again.

From cleaning up rooms, to cleaning up inefficiencies
Thanks to my experience as a housekeeper, I understand that hospitality technology needs to streamline workers’ workflow, not add to it. And that is exactly what Flexkeeping is designed to do.

These days, we are constantly creating product updates, writing relevant blog posts, and expanding on our solutions, all to ensure that properties can provide the best possible service to their guests.

We’d love for you to join us on our mission of making hospitality focused more on guests, not tasks. We invite you to learn more about Flexkeeping, and let us help you rethink hospitality with digital operations.

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