“My team would start a revolution if someone took Flexkeeping away from them.”

“My team would start a revolution if someone took Flexkeeping away from them.”

  • Room Division manager of Maistra Hospitality Group.
  • Hospitality expert who has worked in travel agencies, hotels, resorts, cruise ships, sales, and reservations.
  • Travel enthusiast whose work spans Croatia, Ireland, UK, Greece, Turkey, Italy, and Egypt.

That is just a glimpse of Diana Lukić Grandov’s fascinating career. We should also mention that she has implemented Flexkeeping into 64 properties so far, where it successfully automated tasks and communication of multiple departments.

And that’s why she is our go-to person for getting a direct and sincere review of our app

So, why does Diana see
Flexkeeping as the MVP of housekeeping software?

Our favorite quote

“What makes Flexkeeping the best app is the rapid flow of valuable information that lets everyone be more efficient at what they do.”

Diana Lukić Grandov

Inspiring teams to reach results that matter

Diana has managed multiple hotel teams during their transition from phone calls, WhatsApp chats, and endless post-it scribbles to Flexkeeping. She has been guiding and supporting her staff as they adopted new technology and discovered how much it improves their work procedures and well-being. And finally, Diana was with them to share the fantastic moment of achieving new heights of success together. She jokes that if someone tried to take Flexkeeping away from her team now, they would start a revolution.

Here are the key ingredients to Maistra Hospitality Group’s success story with Flexkeeping:

Let’s write your success story together

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