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Maistra Hospitality Group is a leading hotel company in Croatia and part of the Adris Group. It incorporates over 35 hotels, resorts, and campsites across three different brands. With a mission to revitalize guests’ senses, each Maistra property offers a unique experience in internationally sought-after destinations – Rovinj, Vrsar, Zagreb, and Dubrovnik. These spectacular locations make Maistra a perfect hub for discovering the local culture and enjoying the local dishes in some of the finest restaurants.

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Running 18 hotels, 11 tourist villages, and 6 campsites requires serious coordination. Maistra Hospitality Group had to solve the challenge of clear team communication and accountability to cover that many properties efficiently. We spoke to Room Division Manager Diana Lukić Grandov about how they have transformed their operations with smart tech thanks to Flexkeeping‘s Hotel Operations Platform.

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»What makes Flexkeeping the best app is the rapid flow of valuable information that lets everyone be more efficient at what they do.«

— Diana Lukić Grandov, Room Division Manager, Maistra Hospitality Group

Before Flexkeeping: frustrations and inefficiencies

Information used to take ages to reach the right people, limiting our efficiency. Furthermore, without the support of a digital platform there was no way to measure performance or track accountability. Nobody knew when the room was ready - the front office and housekeeping staff communicated over the phone and ran around the hotel looking for each other. Ultimately, that just created friction in our operations and strained the relationship between the front and back of the house.

After Flexkeeping: automation and collaboration

I helped transition multiple hotel teams from the old habits - phone calls, WhatsApp chats, and endless Post-it scribbles - and to using Flexkeeping. My role was to guide and support them in adopting the new technology and helping them realise how much it improves their work procedures and well-being. 

After embracing Flexkeeping for automation and collaboration, we have truly achieved new heights of success together, as a strong team should.

Boosting productivity and the guest experience

Maistra’s housekeepers find Flexkeeping extremely user-friendly, so organizing their workflow and schedules is easy. Housekeeping managers, supervisors and staff from other departments can see real-time cleaning progress and room status. Such transparency led to an instant improvement in performance, as we can now prevent any issues before our guests arrive. 

We especially appreciate automated communication, which helps us increase the speed and quality of other services. It’s saved us so much time and we’ve been able to skip so many needless steps  - interdepartmental productivity has reached an entirely new level. ‍

»We reviewed several platforms, but Flexkeeping was a clear winner. The product was superior and the team was incredibly enthusiastic.«

— Diana Lukić Grandov, Room Division Manager, Maistra Hospitality Group

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Seamless onboarding and support

The installation was seamless and without any interruptions to our everyday operations. During onboarding, the Flexkeeping team really went above and beyond with their support. I couldn’t praise them more. 

They spent time with staff, kept it interactive and helped everyone understand just how the platform works. Some team members were initially afraid, but it all disappeared when they saw and felt the benefits of using Flexkeeping. Now, they can’t imagine working without it.

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»If someone tried to
take Flexkeeping away
from my team, they would
start a revolution.«

— Diana Lukić Grandov, Room Division Manager, Maistra Hospitality Group

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