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Harmoniously situated on Rovinj’s east shore, the Grand Park Hotel is a 5-star property with 209 rooms. It serves remarkable vistas of the old town and a revitalizing natural wellness & spa experience. As one of the most luxurious hotels along the Adriatic coastline, it holds quality and guest satisfaction to the highest standards. Guests can enjoy the refreshing scent of pine and lavender in the air as they make the most of the many personalized and authentic experiences offered by the hotel and its partners.

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Road to success: increased guest satisfaction

To fulfill its goal of becoming the leading hotel in the region, the Grand Park Hotel knew it had to focus on delivering an outstanding guest experience. However, collecting feedback from guests while they were still in the hotel was tricky. We spoke to the General Manager Peter Loesch about how they have transformed their operations with smart tech thanks to Flexkeeping‘s Hotel Operations Platform.

»Flexkeeping empowered us to use our existing resources better.
We managed to increase guest satisfaction by delivering personalized customer service.«

— Peter Loesch, General Manager of the Grand Park Hotel

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Before Flexkeeping: frustrations and inefficiencies

Guests often kept comments to themselves or were hesitant to inform staff. That’s when we realized we must create a process where staff can identify and fix issues before our guests notice them. We aimed to make the questions unintrusive to the guest experience while allowing them to voice their impressions.

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»‍Collecting and using guest
data is a must, but hotels often neglect their number one resource: their employees. Flexkeeping empowers our staff to focus on ensuring five-star guest satisfaction.«

— Peter Loesch, General Manager of the Grand Park Hotel

After Flexkeeping: automation and collaboration

The Grand Park Hotel uses Flexkeeping to create digital SOPs that list information about how and when to collect guest feedback. We combine Guest Relations software and staff initiative to track and guarantee guest satisfaction. When staff log the complaint into Flexkeeping, it’s automatically assigned to a specified team member through an email and an in-app notification. That way, everyone is notified within seconds. From then on, the designated team members can monitor, comment and solve the issue.

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Resolving and preventing hotel guest complaints in 4 steps:

1.  Guest-facing staff collects feedback

2. Feedback is logged into Flexkeeping 

3. Staff responds and logs what they did

4. Analyzing past complaints to improve service

Boosting productivity and the guest experience

Flexkeeping ensures that all departments coordinate efficiently to improve overall guest satisfaction. When we receive guest feedback, all team members must know what to do next. Staff communicate using Flexkeeping - it records everything done to improve the guest’s experience. Once a guest complaint has been resolved, we keep it for future reference. As a result, our team is continually finding better and more effective ways to resolve hotel guest complaints and improve guest satisfaction.

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»‍Every comment a guest makes gets immediately communicated throughout the whole hotel. Since it’s such a transparent platform, staff can react instantly, and management can stay informed about the situation.«

— Peter Loesch, General Manager of the Grand Park Hotel

Becoming more strategic

By reviewing how our team resolves hotel guest complaints, they can implement proactive improvements to their service. With Flexkeeping, we can collect real-time data from staff, share this information immediately, and act immediately. We track everything: small comments or complaints (which generally never make it to the management) and guest preferences which help us surprise and delight the guest during their stay. 

Before Flexkeeping, collecting and sharing this information was impossible. Your Guest Relation module was the perfect solution.

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