How the Grand Park Hotel Captures and Communicates Hotel Guest Complaints in Seconds

How the Grand Park Hotel Captures and Communicates Hotel Guest Complaints in Seconds

Any passionate hotelier will agree that receiving a negative post-stay review is the worst feeling. Especially if it’s not clear why. If a guest never said anything, and they were given the best service, what caused the hotel guest complaints? 

The solution? A combination of knowing how to collect feedback from guests during their stay and hotel software tool to track and delegate all hotel guest complaints. Once the hotel guest complaints are registered in the system, the necessary parties can monitor, comment, and ultimately, solve the issue while ensuring that all departments coordinate to improve overall guest satisfaction. 

The Grand Park Hotel, a luxury hotel in Croatia, was such a case where they were able to combine hotel Guest Relations software and staff initiative to track and guarantee guest satisfaction. 

Meet the Grand Park Hotel: A 5-Star, 209-Room Marvel


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The Grand Park Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels along the Adriatic coastline. It is able to emphasize natural wellness and relaxation with its location between the sea and a beautiful pine forest. In addition, the hotel overlooks the town of Rovinj to blend international appeal with local charm. As one of the most well-known hotels in the region, the Grand Park Hotel holds quality and guest satisfaction to the highest standards.

“ Since the opening, our main goal was to become the leading hotel in the region. Sticking out of the crowd and delivering an outstanding experience for all guests is the key. It became a mission: how to use existing resources, but do things different and better, when it comes to personalized customer service.”

Peter Loesch, General Manager of the Grand Park Hotel

How the Hotel Catches and Resolves Hotel Guest Complaints in 4 Steps

1. Trained Staff Members Know How to Collect Guest Feedback

It’s tricky to collect feedback from guests while they are still in the hotel. Guests often keep comments to themselves or are hesitant to inform staff. That’s why it’s important to create a process where staff can identify if anything was less than satisfactory. The Grand Park Hotel uses Flexkeeping’s software to create digital SOPs that list information about how and when to collect guest feedback. The goal is to make the questions unintrusive to guests' experience while providing them an opportunity to voice if anything didn’t meet their expectations. 

“ Collecting guest data and using it in the right and responsible way is a must. But how to make use of our number one resource - our employees, who are in constant contact with our guests is often overlooked and a completely untapped potential.” -Peter 


2. Collected Feedback Gets Logged into Flexkeeping and Sent to Staff

Once staff hear a hotel guest complaint, they need to notify the responsible departments and personnel.  Staff members input the complaint into Flexkeeping and it is automatically assigned to the relevant staff to resolve through an email and an in-app notification. That way, everyone is notified within seconds. 

“How to collect and share this information was of course the main challenge, but during a routine review meeting of our Flexkeeping activities, we figured out that the Guest Relation module was the perfect platform……and it really worked.” -Peter

Note: The Grand Park Hotel runs the complete Flexkeeping hotel housekeeping and team communication software, including the Guest Relation Module. 

3. Staff Internally Communicate and Update What Made the Guest Happy

When guest feedback has been received, it’s important that all staff know what has been done to improve the guest’s experience. Staff communicate using  Flexkeeping and record everything that has been done so far to improve the guest’s experience. When a guest complaint has been resolved, it is also recorded to inform staff in the future. As a result, staff are continually learning better and more effective ways to improve guest satisfaction and resolve hotel guest complaints.

“Every comment a guest makes, be it negative or positive, gets straight away communicated throughout the whole Hotel, followed up by the guest relation department and potential actions implemented straight away, and all on a transparent platform on which management can inform themselves and monitor all movements.” -Peter

4. Analyzing Archived Complaints and Proactively Improving Service

A big advantage of having a hotel software system for hotel guest complaints is that the Grand Park Hotel can analyse past complaints. By reviewing how hotel guest complaints were resolved, hotel staff can implement proactive improvements into their service. 

“For quite a while already, I was intrigued by the possibility of collecting real-time data from all our associates who constantly listen to our guest, share this information immediately and act straight away on the smallest comments, be it small complaints (which normally never make it to the management) or knowledge of guest preferences with which we could surprise and delight the guest during their stay.” -Peter

Are you interested to learn how to resolve hotel guest complaints before they turn into negative reviews? Book a demo to see how Flexkeeping could help your property improve guest satisfaction.

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