A better way to do Quality and Safety Control.

Flexkeeping enables you to easily enforce consistent quality and safety control and assure the entire property is always up to the highest standards.

Access all hotel checklists on your smartphone, receive quality control analytics, and ensure a consistently high level of guest satisfaction.

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All your hotel checklists in one place.

  • Inspect rooms with Housekeeping checklists
  • Conduct property rounds with MOD checklists
  • Validate food safety with HACCP checklists
  • Prevent risks with Health & Safety checklists
  • Receive Quality Control analytics
  • Assess security risks with Security checklists
  • Maintain the quality of service with SOP checklists
  • You can also add customized checklists

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What our clients say about us.

Flexkeeping is exactly what
we were looking for.

Flexkeeping is vital because it allows us to spend less time on the phone and more time with the guests.

A project that made me say “WoW”. I experienced this only once before in my entire career.

Optimize all hotel operations.

Maintenance Management

Instantly report, track and fix issues around your hotel, and handle your hotel maintenance more efficiently.

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Task & Hotel Services Management

Connect and improve communication between departments, simplify tasks, and deliver great service.

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Lost & Found Management

Record, track and manage everything lost and found on your property and ensure every item gets returned to its owner.

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Guest Feedback Management

Resolve guest complaints instantly, provide guests with a fantastic hotel experience, and avoid receiving negative reviews.

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