Make your maintenance problems disappear.

The Flexkeeping hotel maintenance software helps your maintenance staff get their job done better and faster.

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4 steps

to make your problems disappear


Any staff member can take a photo and notify all staff of the problem instantly.


Maintenance get automatically notified of the problem, can check the report and fix it.


Get a real-time overview of all outstanding and completed maintenance tasks.


Receive a complete organized record of all maintenance tasks and plan ahead.


Understand your real maintenance needs.

Get a clear overview of your maintenance status and all outstanding and completed repairs. Know what needs to be done and plan ahead to save on costs. Learn your guests’ expectations and carry out the necessary improvements to increase guest satisfaction.


More efficient Maintenance.


Take a photo.

Simply snap a shot of an issue that needs to be solved with your phone and instantly share it with the maintenance staff.

Speech to text

Type with your voice.

Instead of losing time with typing, you can enter a task into the app with your voice, hands-free.


Connect with your contractors.

Add a list of outsourcing companies straight into Flexkeeping and easily assign repairs directly through the app.

Routine Inspections

Stay on top of your Preventive Maintenance.

Keep a clear overview of all routine inspections and implement an effective preventive maintenance plan.

Want to make your maintenance better?


Why maintenance staff


Helps your maintenance staff get the job done better and faster.

Allows your staff to concentrate on work and reduces stress.

Lets everyone notify those in charge of maintenance tasks instantly without any hassle.

See what benefits other hotels get:


The impact of real time communication on maintenance issues

By allowing staff to communicate instantly, Flexkeeping has helped a 230-room hotel identify and resolve 59.28% more maintenance issues in just a year.

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Flexkeeping is exactly what
we were looking for.

Flexkeeping is vital because it allows us to spend less time on the phone and more time with the guests.

A project that made me say “WoW”. I experienced this only once before in my entire career.

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