Here's why your hotel needs a housekeeping management software

Everyone who's ever worked in a hotel can relate to this. ⬇️

There you were, enjoying your morning coffee before kicking off another busy day when it suddenly hit you: "Funny how hotels are all about relaxation, yet my job is the very opposite of a vacation."

It's a fair point. Too much energy goes into juggling tasks between people instead of getting things done. As you're trying hard to raise staff productivity, precious time is wasted on endless phone calls and WhatsApp messages. And don't even get us started on the dreaded Post-it notes.

Stressed management = ineffective staff = unhappy guests.

For our founder Luka, this was a moment of realization: "Why be under constant stress when you can overview all hotel processes in one place?"

A-ha, we need housekeeping management software!

And that's how fun and ease were welcomed back into hotel managers’ and housekeeping staff’ jobs.

Upgrade your hotel with a housekeeping management software.

Top 5 benefits of hotel housekeeping software

1. Communicate, organize, and supervise - all in one place

The 90's throwbacks are cool… on your lounge playlists. Every other part of your hotel should say: "We are a successful 21st-century business." 

And that includes the way you manage a hotel.

So out with the pen & paper, WhatsApp, and phone calls. Hotel housekeeping software replaces inefficient methods of communication and connects all departments digitally for super easy hotel task management!

Alex (housekeeper) can update the status of all rooms as she cleans them and notify John (from maintenance) about a broken lamp in room 119. Blake (front desk manager) will see which rooms are ready for check-in, so the guests won't have to waste precious time queuing with Luigi (the espresso machine). 

All done in a few clicks.

It takes about 10 seconds to create tasks and select a tag that automatically assigns it to a staff member. You can then monitor task status and any real-time comments.

Forget language barriers too. Innovative translation features let you communicate with foreign team members in their native language. ¿Qué tan increíble es esto? 💃🏽

2. Get more positive guest reviews

As every hotel manager knows, if you want to know how your hotel is doing, read its guest reviews. The surveys are clear: room cleanliness is ESSENTIAL for guest satisfaction. 

Effective housekeeping should be your priority if you want to stop this snowflake from turning into an avalanche:

Bad hotel reviews can quickly spin out of control and take your hotel business down.

Enter hotel housekeeping management software.

Digital room inspection checklists ensure all your rooms are spotless. Without them, each staff member would clean rooms differently - not to a standard that your guests are happy with.

You can significantly reduce guest complaints by helping housekeeping staff fulfill required standards with every cleaning. It gets better: you will know which staff members are excelling and who may need additional training. 

There's another benefit of switching to hotel housekeeping management software. An optimized housekeeping department translates into shorter check-in times for your guests.

Again, don't force them to hang out with Luigi when they'd rather be in their cozy hotel room.

3. Save time & money with preventive maintenance 

Preventive maintenance helps you avoid unexpected equipment and asset failures that can be costly and earn you negative guest reviews. With it, you can plan future expenses more accurately.

Hotel housekeeping management software is a must-have tool for better budgeting and significant cost-cutting.

Here's why your hotel needs a housekeeping management software 1

Just think of how powerful it is - regular supervision of machines lets maintenance professionals make better decisions that cost less. That way, Luigi can have a long, healthy, espresso-producing life and not unexpectedly fall apart when your guests need some coffee.

We want your business to thrive, so we're sharing a free toll with you today: preventive maintenance checklists.

Preventive maintenance checklists

Work smarter, not harder.


4. Make your staff happier & more efficient

Employers often fear that introducing new technology and automation might confuse their staff. 

However, the reality is that most workers prefer automation and software as work aids. 

According to a recent survey performed by Zapier, about 40% of the workers said that automation software helps them complete tasks faster. They said it helps them be more organized, improves their overall work, and helps them focus on the most critical tasks.

Still not sure if your team will be open to new software? Consider this: do you write letters to friends or message them on Facebook? Do you rent VHS or watch popular shows on Netflix? Do you use a walkman or play your favorite songs on your phone? 

You get the point - digital evolution is present in every aspect of our daily lives. Don't underestimate your staff's ability to embrace innovative technology that will make their jobs simpler and more enjoyable.

According to Bonusly’s Employee Engagement and Modern Workplace Report, happy and actively engaged workers are 75% less likely to look for another job.

If you want to know how to motivate your housekeeping staff, we have great tips for increasing their productivity and motivation. Read them here

5. Reduce operational costs and increase ROI

It is well known that a significant percentage of the costs of running hotels comes from a housekeeping department. That's why cost control should always be central to your budgeting. 

Make the complex act of balancing budgets easier by investing in state-of-the-art housekeeping management software, which can deliver up to 2-3x ROI after 1 year.

This excellent result is possible by optimizing work processes by up to 70%. Automating repetitive tasks and staff scheduling makes it easier to avoid quality mistakes. You can also save on room inventory and amenities costs.

With access to data-backed insights about individual staff productivity and the quality of their work, you can make better business decisions. 

Remember: You can't manage what you can't measure

By that, we mean diving into the reports. 

Hotel housekeeping software aims to simplify your life with a straightforward reporting system. It shouldn’t overwhelm you with pointless numbers and graphs. 

Analytics will help you track all hotel operations on a single or multi-property level. Automated reports  tell a concise story about your team's (in)efficiency and direct your attention to where it's needed the most.

Modern housekeeping software is just what a modern housekeeping manager needs. Use it to optimize your property operations and appreciate your housekeepers - you’ll be amazed by the results.

Meet Flexkeeping, the most comprehensive housekeeping management software

There's a reason our hotel housekeeping software comes with the highest recommendation score on HotelTechReport. You see, Flexkeeping is the iPhone moment of housekeeping management. 

Properties that use our app have reported optimizing all operations and processes up to 70%. In some cases, even by 80 and 90%.

Are you ready to take your hotel into a digital age? Check out our innovative solutions and join us in the hotel industry revolution!

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