How to optimize your hotel with Flexkeeping.


Connect departments, simplify task management, and deliver great service.

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Ensure your guests are always satisfied with the cleanliness of their rooms.

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Handle hotel maintenance better, faster, and more efficiently.

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Flexkeeping has got you covered.

Quality & safety control.

Simply snap a shot of an issue that needs to be solved with your phone and instantly share it with the maintenance staff.

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Room service management.

Monitor orders, coordinate food preparation, organize work activities and speed up your hotel room service.

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Guest relations management.

Resolve guest complaints instantly, provide guests with a fantastic hotel experience and avoid receiving negative reviews.

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Lost & found.

Record, track, locate, and manage everything lost and found on your property and ensure every item gets returned to its owner.

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Receive meaningful data and use it to optimize your operations, lower your costs, improve your hotel services and increase guest satisfaction.

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Clear out the clutter of paper spreadsheets and go digital. Save time by easily locating procedures and best practices with the click of a button.

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Ready to optimize your hotel?


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