Daily operations are complicated. We make them simpler.

Optimize your operations to save costs and boost quality.

team communication

Flexkeeping connects all your departments and enables you to manage all hotel tasks with ease.

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Housekeeping Software

Organize and track all housekeeping activities. Streamline communication and boost productivity with all the answers at your fingertips.

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The Flexkeeping hotel maintenance software helps your maintenance staff get their job done better and faster.

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The Essential Tools to Expedite Your Operations


Plan your staff and tasks in advance to organize and optimize resources.

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Catch problems before they happen with recurring tasks.

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Create handover notes, set recurring tasks, and send important updates.

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Audits & Checklists

Enforce consistent standards during inspections with our digital checklists.

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room service

Boost revenue with the ability to manage and track orders across all departments.

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Staff Training & SOPs

Create and access a library of details SOPs with pdfs, videos, and pictures.

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Flexkeeping has got you covered.

Audits & Checklists.

Simply snap a shot of an issue that needs to be solved with your phone and instantly share it with the maintenance staff.

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Room service.

Monitor orders, coordinate food preparation, organize work activities and speed up your hotel room service.

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Guest relations.

Resolve guest complaints instantly, provide guests with a fantastic hotel experience and avoid receiving negative reviews.

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Lost & found.

Record, track, locate, and manage everything lost and found on your property and ensure every item gets returned to its owner.

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Receive meaningful data and use it to optimize your operations, lower your costs, improve your hotel services and increase guest satisfaction.

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Staff Training & SOPs.

Clear out the clutter of paper spreadsheets and go digital. Save time by easily locating procedures and best practices with the click of a button.

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Ready to optimize your hotel?


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