Our new Flexkeeping x RMS Cloud integration

Our new Flexkeeping x RMS Cloud integration

As we continue to partner up with leading hotel software providers around the globe, we are happy to announce our newest Flexkeeping <-> RMS Cloud integration. 

The RMS Cloud PMS: Trusted by more than 6,000 hotels globally 

RMS Cloud is a PMS that provides, in our opinion, the perfect mix between a comprehensive set of solutions and a modern approach to 3rd party connectivity. They are a well-proven PMS provider, headquartered in Australia, successfully globally. 

Having the same global philosophy, our companies Flexkeeping and RMS Cloud met via mutual clients who wish to bring the best of both products into a world where hotel operations are automated so that guests can get the highest level of service. 

How our super-fast integration works

Both Flexkeeping and RMS Cloud have a modern hotel software API structure that enables partner solutions to integrate almost effortlessly. So in our case, when a client wants to connect Flexkeeping’s housekeeping software to RMS Cloud PMS, all it takes is a few clicks, and the integration is up and running. No complex procedures, no IT department needed, and no costs involved for the hotel.

RMS Flexkeeping Integration

Delivering automated daily operations and an increase in guest satisfaction

Integrating Flexkeeping and RMS Cloud means almost all administration work in housekeeping, and daily communication between departments get automated. Direct benefits include: 

  • 70% faster housekeeping process
  • 100% automated cross-departmental communication
  • 15% savings on small room inventory costs
  • 350% more maintenance issues on record
  • Faster room turnover and faster guest check-in times
  • And a 360* degree overview of daily operations across housekeeping, maintenance, room service, and all other core operations 

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