Our NEW Flexkeeping x ReviewPro Integration - ensure unbeatable guest satisfaction

Our NEW Flexkeeping x ReviewPro Integration - ensure unbeatable guest satisfaction

Continuing our quest to connect with the best partners and leading hotel software tools in the world, we are thrilled to announce our newest Flexkeeping x ReviewPro integration. 

ReviewPro: The leading hotel software suite for increasing guest satisfaction

ReviewPro is most known for being a guest experience platform catering to 60,000+ clients worldwide, including hotel chains, individual hotels, serviced apartments, restaurants, destinations, and hostels, in more than 150 countries. Its Guest Experience Improvement Suite™ is widely used to identify operational and service improvements, thus effectively managing internal processes and ensuring that all changes are being implemented across every hotel department. 

How the Flexkeeping x ReviewPro integration works

Our integration allows hotels to connect guest feedback to daily hotel operations, in real-time. How it works is that every task generated from the ReviewPro platform's reviews, surveys, and messaging conversations is directly sent to the Flexkeeping platform. With its automation, Flexkeeping makes sure that the task is communicated to the right hotel department, picked up by staff & completed in time. This flow means that every guest service request or feedback gets delivered and resolved in a record time. Our integration means that, finally, hoteliers can ensure the highest quality of services and guest satisfaction, because they can now understand and improve the link with the actions done in daily operations. 

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