Improve Hotel Operations with a Flexkeeping/Mews' Integration

Improve Hotel Operations with a Flexkeeping/Mews' Integration

As of November 2019, Flexkeeping has partnered up with Mews. These two complementary software systems bring real benefits to hotels around the world, enabling them to run more efficiently and deliver impeccable service to their guests.

How we work together to optimize Hotel Operations

Mews is known for direct bookings, smooth check-ins/outs and providing a better guest experience. However, written notes and calls remain the main communication channel for staff. This is where we come in.

Flexkeeping takes the relevant information from Mews and distributes it to staff members. They can then confirm that all services are done efficiently and effectively. Automated housekeeping, digital SOPs, faster hotel maintenance repairs, and a more connected staff all translate into your operations being as optimized as possible. 

What is Flexkeeping's specialty?

No matter the size of your staff, at the touch of a button, you can automate your hotel operations and save time.

Flexkeeping streamlines operations by offering dozens of practical features such as Housekeeping & Maintenance automation, Team communication, digital SOPs and Checklists, and Contactless Services. However, like all healthy relationships, communication between Flexkeeping and Mews is paramount. One example of our two-way connection is that staff can manually update a room’s status to ‘clean’ in Flexkeeping and it will be automatically changed in Mews.

All these optimizations mean that your main focus remains where it should: on your guests’ safety and satisfaction.

How can I start FlexMewsing?

Mews customer: Find us in Mews marketplace here   Mews Marketplace

Flexkeeping customer : send us an email

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