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Imagine a world where a guest books their room, your hotel is immediately notified, and you can alert the entire staff a half second later. The staff then coordinate seamlessly to check for and address hotel maintenance repairs, restock and clean the room, then confirm everything with a few notifications directly to your phone. All the guests’ information is at your fingertips and the booking schedules are clearly organized and displayed. Guests are delighted with the attentive hospitality and leave glowing reviews ensuring their rooms are quickly refilled.

Seem like a dream? Then come join us in the clouds!

A Match Made in Heaven

We are thrilled to announce that Flexkeeping has teamed with Cloudbeds in order for you to streamline and simplify the process of providing your customers (and your staff) a smooth and enjoyable stay.

Since 2012, Cloudbeds has offered world class tools to help you gain more direct bookings and manage your reservations better. Flexkeeping, however, specializes in inhouse team organization and communication, keeping hotel maintenance, housekeeping, and reception connected. Now we are teaming up to bring you the best of both worlds. If Cloudbeds acts as the talent agent, Flexkeeping is the stage crew that helps you deliver your best performance.

How Does It Work?

Good question! When a customer is planning their next getaway, they’ll check online for the perfectly priced accommodation. Once they’ve selected it, Cloudbeds will notify the hotel that a new guest is arriving. Hotels can then oversee the reservation details, arrival times, and rates. The guest is on their way, so time for Flexkeeping to help the hotel staff ensure that the room is available, clean and that the customer’s stay is nothing short of perfect. But let’s imagine some real examples:

  • A housekeeper discovers that a room requires repairs and immediately alerts hotel maintenance and the entire team through Flexkeeping’s notification system. This information is given to Cloudbeds so that accurate availability can be reflected to online customers. All in an instant.
  • A guest has a complaint about their stay, Cloudbeds makes the guest’s information available to Flexkeeping which then helps managers address the situation faster and more personally. Said guest leaves your location feeling happy, satisfied, and heard.
  • A large family has just checked out of three rooms. Flexkeeping will create a housekeeping checklist in order to make it pristine once more. This checklist can be shared with staff and overseen by managers. Once the last box is ticked, Cloudbeds is notified that those three new rooms are ready to be filled!

These are only some of the resources that Flexkeeping and Cloudbeds would put at your disposal. To find out more benefits, read on!

Ready to Take Your Hotel to the Next Level? 1

What Can I Expect from Cloudbeds and Flexkeeping?

  • More pricing intelligence tools
  • More direct bookings
  • More accurate bookkeeping
  • Lower hotel maintenance costs
  • Fewer internal phone calls
  • Greater guest satisfaction
  • A hotel running like a well-oiled machine

Count me in! But what now?

Join us at Flexkeeping in order to guarantee your property is ready for the tidal wave of clients headed your way!

Stroll over to Cloudbeds where you’ll find a wealth of tools and features to increase your profits with more direct reservations.

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