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Not to flex, but Flexkeeping is the most recommended and best rated
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Flexkeeping and Cloudbeds integration provides full end-to-end automation of your hotel's operations. While Cloudbeds ensures that booking, check-ins, and payments go smoothly, Flexkeeping provides an impeccable guest experience by ensuring clean rooms and on-time delivery of services. All of it is powered by seamless integration between the two systems.

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  • Reservations & cancellations
  • Guest information & notes
  • Check-ins & check-outs
  • Room cleanliness status
  • Minibar consumption & charge
  • Guest requests or complaints
  • Out of service & out of order rooms

With this integration, success stories write themselves

Hotel Manager Pierre Gredel shares what makes Flexkeeping & Cloudbeds integration such a game-changer and how it enables them to run The Blue Hotel practically on auto-pilot.

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  • Update room cleanliness statuses in real time
  • Create future work schedules
  • Record room inspections
  • Track work dynamics and analyze staff performance

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  • Communicate across departments
  • Create, prioritize, delegate, and monitor individual or group tasks
  • Schedule future and recurring tasks
  • Record, track, and manage lost & found items

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Cloudbeds and Flexkeeping Integration 11


  • Create, prioritize, delegate, and monitor maintenance issues
  • Manage preventive maintenance issues
  • Schedule recurring and future maintenance jobs
  • Track maintenance issues and analyze staff performance

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Quality Assurance

  • Create and access a library of SOPs
  • Create customized digital checklists
  • Carry out audits or conduct inspections from smartphones

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Cloudbeds and Flexkeeping Integration 13


  • Record, track, and post minibar items to PMS on the go
  • Analyze consumption

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“Flexkeeping helps us communicate things that we might forget to share in person. Now, the Front Desk is sure that there is a clean room ready for the guest requiring it, and staff is remembering to finish everything on their lists.”

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Owner of Maya Beach hotel

Cloudbeds and Flexkeeping Integration 15

How Maya Beach Hotel organizes over 1,000 team tasks per month

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