Boost F&B Revenue Contactlessly!

Serve your guests in the safest and most non-intrusive way possible: digitally. Cut costs, improve health and safety, and keep guest satisfaction high by allowing them to use their own personal devices to submit service requests. The information is then sent to the appropriate staff members so they can deliver services promptly, and most importantly, with minimal contact.

Here are some key advantages:

  • Fast & contactless guest service delivery
  • Streamlined workflow between service departments
  • Increased F&B revenue
  • Fewer tech investments which save money
  • Improved health & safety
  • Peace of mind for guests regarding safety

Expedited Operations

Everything in hospitality is a team effort. But, sometimes that can be slow or interrupted. When a guest orders something from room service, it requires at least 3 people to provide a high standard of service. One person to fill the request, one person to deliver it, and another to remove any plates or dishware. If manually communicated, there are a lot of chances for the process to be slow.

Instead, make the communication automatic. A guest digitally sends their request through their personal device to the person to fill. Once it’s ready, a team member in charge of delivering the order receives a notification. You can then accurately identify if there are any bottlenecks in the process by checking message and notification timestamps.

Boost F&B Revenue Contactlessly! 1

Flawless Service

We are only human, which means that sometimes there are unexpected challenges in the process. For example, a person might quickly write down an order that’s illegible for the next person to read. Or when a guest makes an order, a small personalized aspect could be forgotten due to distractions. Time to clarify the process.

It doesn’t get much clearer than receiving the order directly from the customer digitally. All comments are included for reference, so staff don’t overlook a single detail.

Integrated with your Guest Facing App

For a complete end-to-end experience, we will integrate with your chosen guest facing solution via our API. This way, once a guest orders any service via their own smartphone or an in-room device (e.g. such as a smart TV or in-room tablet), Flexkeeping takes over the order and makes sure that a staff member delivers it quickly and safely.

Flexkeeping can integrate with countless different guest facing solutions, so that we can accommodate your property’s exact needs. Now you can serve your guests in a completely digital and contactless way.

Get started with our new contactless abilities!

Want to find out more about this tool and how it can help you save time and administration overhead? Or interested in how contactless communication works with our other tools to help you manage your property? Schedule a demo and make sure that last minute changes never disrupt your workflow or affect your quality of service.

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