Flexkeeping Automatic Translations for Hotel Staff Communication

Almost every hotel team in the world with Flexkeeping is multilingual. In big cities like London, Berlin, and New York there are hotel teams easily consisting of 30, 40 or even more different nationalities. Multinational hotel teams, same as travellers, are the core of hospitality. But while they are essential to operations, they are oftenly a challenge to manage. How to streamline communication when many of your staff members do not speak the local language used by the majority of staff, including management? Bring them all onto the same linguistic page with Flexkeeping Automatic Translations. 

Introducing Flexkeeping Automatic Translations for Hotel Staff Communication

Flexkeeping’s automatic translations tear down language barriers and make it easy for international staff members to communicate and collaborate. Perhaps even more importantly, it makes it easier for managers to integrate new team members regardless of their spoken language and manage whole teams without miscommunication and stress. 

How it works

The system takes any message, from a structured task to a free text format, and translates it into the native language of the recipient. It’s also an educational tool as it shows the message in the original and the translated language at the same time. Staff members can understand their tasks clearly while also learning the local language and work related terms. 

Use Cases

A very practical and common example is where a foreign housekeeping team doesn’t speak any common language (ex: English). As a result, all the communication has to go through one housekeeper or the head of housekeeping who can speak English. In addition to being inefficient, it also wastes a lot of time. 

Here are a few more common examples and use cases: 

  • Hotel managers from foreign countries find it easier to delegate tasks in the local language.
  • Sometimes whole housekeeping teams are outsourced and from a different country; the feature makes it easier to communicate tasks, organise schedules and train housekeepers.
  • Some hotel teams have individuals such as maintenance personnel, service personnel, and kitchen staff to whom they communicate updates and tasks via Flexkeeping. 

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