Introducing Automated Cleanings: discover 100% flexible hotel housekeeping

Introducing Automated Cleanings: discover 100% flexible hotel housekeeping

Imagine unlocking 100% flexibility when it comes to your entire hotel housekeeping. Full scheduling autonomy for your needs and every imaginable occasion, even the most unpredictable ones. Entire groups deciding to skip housekeeping? Different rate types that call for customizable cleaning plans? An unexpected shortage of staff or a sudden change in the housekeepers' availability? Well, imagine no more.

Automated Cleanings are our newest product update that will revolutionize your hotel housekeeping. In the modern world of hospitality, customizing your housekeeping schedules for many different outcomes shouldn't be a task you have to worry about.

Meet Flexkeeping’s number one most requested product feature in 2022 out of over 600 properties.

Our clients said

“The new feature in Flexkeeping was implemented in our Punthill Williamstown property as a trial which has been great! The feature differentiates our bookings and offers different frequencies of services based on their length of stay, allowing our business to manage expenses such as wages & linen. This length of stay can be altered at any time with Flexkeeping’s Support Team should we ever change our length of stay offering.”

Mitchell Peet, Senior Hotel Manager – Learning & Development
Veriu Group | Punthill Apartment Hotels | Veriu Hotels & Suites

Why do I need Automated Cleanings?

With housekeeping staff shortages across the globe and increasing consumer demands for sustainable stays there has been a pressing need for more flexibility and efficiency around cleaning schedules.

This feature aims to create custom and complex cleaning schedules based on many parameters collected from reservation data. Now you can customize your housekeeping schedules based on length of stay, room rate, number of guests, room status or attribute, etc. The possibilities are truly endless!

When you activate Automated Cleanings, you get access to full automation of housekeeping schedules. Your housekeeping managers won't need to waste any more time dealing with algorithm voodoo in case of unpredictable changes, which are an integral part of hospitality. Instead, all rooms can be automatically updated. It's not only your team who benefits from Automated Cleanings; a knock-on effect leads to happier guests who can enjoy a 100% spotless stay.

A smart calendar also shows a matrix of rooms, dates, and types of cleans. Its goal is to help you easily understand your hotel's future cleaning needs and, consequently, the number of housekeepers needed to perform those cleans. The breakdown now also includes all the cleaning types and the amount of credits associated with that particular clean.

Our clients said

“The weekly service override feature was also introduced. Once prompted, it allows us to default our weekly service for bookings that would be scheduled on a Sunday and adjust the schedule to the Friday or Monday, which then applies for the remainder of the stay. Another great feature which will assist with reducing wage costs.”

Mitchell Peet, Senior Hotel Manager – Learning & Development
Veriu Group | Punthill Apartment Hotels | Veriu Hotels & Suites

Show me the examples of Automated Cleanings in action

We thought you’d never ask. Here are some examples of the customized housekeeping schedules you'll be able to create in a few clicks:

✔️ Perform light clean every day for reservations shorter than 4 nights
✔️ Perform light clean every 2 days for reservations shorter than 14 nights
✔️ Perform full clean every 7 days for reservations that are 14 nights or longer
✔️ Perform deep clean on Saturdays only

And these are just the most basic options. Automated Cleanings are fully customizable to fulfill the complex housekeeping needs of hotels, serviced apartments, camps, and other properties.

Sounds good? We think so too. To activate Automated Cleanings, please contact your favorite person from our customer support.

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