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It’s crucial to have access to new standards and regulations and provide a digital trace as proof. Our upgraded Checklists and Audits module allows you to follow the best practices in the industry.

In addition, you can:

  • Access some of the most important checklists & audits that hotels need to follow
  • Expedite operations and enforce SOPs
  • Customize checklists to your property
  • Access a library of the most important industry standard checklists
  • Improve transparency of cleanliness standards
  • Re-train staff to provide service in line with new regulations

Passing Inspection

It’s a given that the new standards and regulations will be more rigorous than ever before. That’s why it’s important to be able to reference comprehensive hotel checklists that follow the best practices in the industry. Checklists allow inspectors to catch and correct mistakes more efficiently, while also minimizing the chance for staff to make them in the first place.

Hotel Checklists Help Pass Inspections

Faster Feedback = Faster Fixes

When a housekeeping manager (for example) discovered a mistake, it required several steps in order to report, categorize, and remedy. With digital checklists, the responsible housekeeper is instantly alerted and assigned the task to correct the issue when a manager marks it incomplete or incorrect. By remotely communicating issues and corrections, it takes only a fraction of the time to complete inspections and ensure the highest standard of cleanliness.

Hotel Checklists Help Prevent Maintenance Problems

The Checklist Library is Open

These days, it’s important to prepare for every situation. Our comprehensive selection of hotel housekeeping checklists strive to do exactly that. In addition, you can create your own checklists from scratch or import existing ones and customize them as needed to accurately reflect your cleaning needs. Once you upload them, enjoy the benefits of digital checklists such as instant access, real time updates, and analytics.

From cleaning and maintenance to emergency procedures, we’ve got you covered. Make sure that no matter what the situation, you and your staff have access to clear and detailed procedures.

Here is a small sample from our library checklists that we offer.

  • COVID-19 Disinfect & Deep Clean
  • Area close down procedure
  • Managers H&S Check
  • Legionella
  • Deep Clean
  • PI Hotel Shutdown
  • And many more!

Transparently Clean

When digital checklists are filled, they provide proof of their completion. Identify the exact time when staff complete actions and offer guests and auditors digital evidence of your property’s adherence to new regulations and guidelines. With live updates, managers can watch as tasks are completed in real time. Offering guests a peek behind the curtain of how the property is clean will help to reassure any health concerns they might have.

Hotel Checklists Help Improve Cleanliness

Time to (Re)Train

When staff return, the hospitality game will have changed, so it’s important to learn the new rules. Social distancing, transmission control, and enhanced hygiene measures all need to quickly become the norm for employees. The best way to help train them is through the use of checklists.

The amount of new regulations and actions to be mindful of can be overwhelming for staff. To help teams become accustomed to them, checklists offer concrete steps that are broken down so staff can tick them off as they go. Managers will be able to view these checklists to add corrective feedback or support. Together, staff can become more comfortable with all of the heightened regulations- one checkbox at a time.

Get started with our new checklists & audits!

Curious on additional ways that your team can stay prepared to work in this new environment? Schedule a demo to see how checklists and audits combine with our other features to keep your team safe, your guests happy, and your property profitable.

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