5 Reasons Hotels Need Housekeeping Software in 2021

Fact: 2020 was one of the wildest years in the hospitality industry. Occupancy rates went up and down, hotels closed temporarily, and governments issued new cleaning guidelines to re-open safely. These unpredictable changes have put housekeeping software on the radar for many hotels, and with good reason.

Hotels aren’t the only ones starting to take an interest in hospitality tech. In a recent article, we discovered that guests are also starting to expect that hotels have hospitality software. For example, 31% of guests expected contactless check in/out. And 32% wanted to contactlessly communicate with staff. This is an important fact for hotels. Digital hotel amenities such as these could be the deciding factor for guests.

However, we realize you can’t pay bills with expectations. So, here are 5 reasons that 2021 is the year to get housekeeping software.

Transparent cleaning  

People are understandably worried about cleanliness these days. That’s why the most successful hotels will be the most transparent ones. Guests want to see a hotel’s cleaning protocols and efforts. The best way to be transparent? A digital trace.

When housekeepers log information in housekeeping software, it stores a concrete record of actions taken. This includes completing a digital housekeeping checklist, posting a room status update, or commenting on a task. Those actions can be displayed to the public as clear evidence of the work that housekeeping teams are doing. However, it’s important to use your digital trace in the most effective way, so we’ve outlined how to prove your hotel’s cleanliness.

housekeeping activities

Safer Hotel Operations

These days, safety means distance. Housekeeping software reduces physical contact between housekeepers and guests. When housekeeping software syncs with PMS and smart room systems, housekeepers have access to real-time information. This information can be where/when guests have left or where colleagues are, so housekeepers can optimize their work process and safely clean at a distance.

Housekeepers aren’t alone in benefiting from software solutions. Hospitality tech can keep all of your staff safer, now and in the future.

Efficient Training

2021 will mean welcoming many employees to the team, both new and old. However, everyone will need quick and efficient housekeeping training. Returning staff need to learn updated safety guidelines, while new hires need to learn everything from scratch. Luckily, housekeeping software can expedite this process.

Good housekeeping software provides effective tools and resources to support trainees. Digital materials such as videos, pictures, and housekeeping SOP's are all available on their phones for easy reference. Housekeeping software cuts the training time, improves the quality of housekeeping, and decreases the number of mistakes. A holy trinity for housekeeping training managers.

Flexible Housekeeping

Hotels in 2021 need to be more flexible and cost effective in their hotel operations. Housekeeping is one of the biggest costs for hotels. But with housekeeping software, managers can scale operations up or down to reflect current needs. The best feature is that housekeeping software delivers savings from day one.

It’s possible to scale all your hotel operations, not simply housekeeping. Learn five ways to scale hotel operations for your entire property to save time, energy, and money.

5 Reasons Hotels Need Housekeeping Software in 2021 1

More Positive Reviews

Online reviews are more important than ever. Time to always give your guests a 5-star experience. First, impress them with your transparent cleaning methods and safer service. Then ensure their room is spotless every time, thanks to digital room inspection checklists. And lastly, your optimized housekeeping department means guests will never have to wait to check in or out. 

Guests will be more observant and watchful of mistakes, so use this opportunity to instead delight them with your attention to detail and flawless service.

2020 is officially over, but it has left us with a clear message for hotels: Housekeeping software is not an option, but a necessity. 

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